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About Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski ResortThe huge Dizin ski resort which has been established since 1969 is located in the north of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range. The ski season in Dizin also lasts longer than European ski resorts (from Mid November to May) because of its high altitude. It is one of the 40 highest ski resorts in the world as the highest ski lift reaches 3,600 m (11,800 ft). It includes three tele-cabins, two ski lifts, seven dish tele-skis and one Hammer tele-ski.

It gained its official title for its specific physical and technical features such as the course slope, length of the course and the place where the competitions and races are held, as well as amenities and other recreational facilities.

The ski activity in Dizin complex is not confined to winter. It is also an important grass-ski centre in summer. The first international grass-ski tournament was held at Dizin by the International Ski Federation with participation of some leading countries in skiing in 1996. Dizin boasts summer activities such as grass-skiing, hiking, horse riding and tennis, and a children’s playground.


Where to stay in Dizin?

This resort has many comfortable accommodation facilities such as hotels, cottages, chalets, villas, private apartments and local houses, and accommodates thousands of people every year. The facilities in the area are more than enough to present a homelike accommodation place.


There are two hotels at the bottom of the slope. Since early 2008, one of these hotels has been closed for renovation, except the restaurant which is open for eating kebab and pizza.

The hotel is located just 20 m from the bottom of the slopes. The parking area is just 50 m away with a few shops that rent out ski equipments.

Gajere Hotel is also about five minutes (about 2 km) before arriving at Hotel Dizin. This hotel is slightly cheaper and will have a higher chance of having vacant rooms on weekends. It has a free shuttle bus to the slope.

Ski Equipment

It is possible to rent ski and snowboard equipment at three places: the pro-shop at the Hotel which has the newest ones and thus much more expensive, the rental places around the parking lot by the hotel and a few small places along the road at the parking lot on the top. The latter is about half the price compared to the ones at the bottom of the slopes. The same is applied to rentals in Shemshak.

Ski instructors are available for hiring. It is also possible to hire an experienced guide who can take you to other mountains and off-piste skiing.

You can rent any equipment and skiwear in the area, all kind of ski and snowboard, mono board and Alpine ski, cross country skis and accessories.

How to get in Dizin ski resort

From Tehran:

  • Take a taxi- always available, thus more recommended
  • Go with the group tour organized by hotel or your travel agency.
  • Take the minibus which leaves Tehran very early in the morning around 5A.M., and departs from Dizin around 3 P.M.

(The second and the third must be checked with us while planning your trip.)

There are two ways to reach Dizin from Tehran. The longest and safest way is through Karaj, the road which is usually open but takes about 2:30 hours. The quickest way is to pass through Shemshak resort directly. The road between Shemshak and Dizin is steep and frequent make this part of the road often be closed. The mentioned above minibus uses this way. Unless you are on a day trip, you are strongly advised to take the road through Karaj.

Make sure you check the weather and snow forecast before leaving, especially if you are traveling through the direct route.

Distance from Tehran by Chalus Road ( through Karaj): 124 km

Distance from Tehran by Shemshak Road: 72 km


During the day, there is a SFC (Iranian version of KFC) in the middle of the slope and a snack bar at the top. The latter also serves breakfast.

At night, there are only two restaurants (also open for breakfast and lunch); one in Dizin Hotel and another in the other hotel (only the restaurant is open).


Irancell mobile network has coverage .You may also be able to use the phone at the reception of Hotel Dizin for local calls.

Working Days

In winters, this resort is open during the weekdays and in summer; it is only open on Iranian weekends (Thursdays, Fridays) and national holidays.

Getting out

You can get a taxi from the top of the slope down to shemshak which is another ski resort just 15 minutes away. Shemshak is steeper and very good for professional skiers.

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