Ab Ali Ski Resort

About Abali Ski Resort

AbAli Ski ResortAb-Ali Ski Resort is the first ski slope to have installed mechanical ski lifts in Iran in 1953, located 70 km north east of Tehran on Haraz Road; moreover it is the closest ski resort to Mt. Damavand, with nice slopes for the beginner and intermediate skiers.
This small slope is the birthplace of modern ski and the base of winter sport in Iran. It has a training site with skilled coaches giving good opportunity for newcomers to learn ski, it also has some stalls which rent ski gears at a low price; the entrance ticket to the ski resort is cheap.

Having cool climate in summer offers some non-skiing interests such as hiking, trekking and mountain climbing, and being convenient to the thermal spring water, holy shrine of Imam Zade Hashem, and beautiful Mosha Village with lots of villas, many traditional restaurants and recreational facilities has made this place a touristic zone and appropriate for you to visit.


Targeted Activities

Hiking, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering and down-hill skiing.
Other sports like resort tennis, horseback riding and gliding are actively done in the resort.

Resort Statistics

  • Total 9 Ski Lifts
  • 1 Tele-cabin (Gondola / Cable Car)
  • 5 Dish tele-skis (surface lifts)
  • 3 Hammer tele-skis (surface lifts)
  • 6 restaurants
  • 1 Hotel

Quick Facts

Altitude: 2650m
Vertical drop: 250m
Highest lift: 2650m
Lowest resort: 2400m
Resort altitude: 2250m
Snow depth: 1 to 2m
Skiing at night: Not possible
Distance from Tehran: 70km

Season Availability

Skiing season varies from December to March

Open to Public

The weekdays and the weekends, all year round

How to go to Ab-Ali Resort

Drive through Haraz Road by coach to reach Ab-Ali Resort after 60 to 80 minutes driving.
Consider that Haraz Road is crowded with traffic jams on weekends.

Major Ski Resorts near Ab-Ali

  • Mount Damavand: 25 km
  • Shemshak: 51 km
  • Darbandsar: 53 km
  • Tochal: 62 km
  • Dizin: 63 km

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