Gachsar 3 Star Hotel

General information
Gajere Hotel is located in 60 km from Tehran on Karaj- Chaloos road and is 3800 km from the sea level. It is consisted of several different buildings;
Nasim: 5 floors; 72 rooms, 4 suites
Saba: 4 floors; 40 rooms, 4 suites+ a two-floor restaurant
Sepide & Setare: 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom Apartment Hotels
Sadaf (VIP)
Morvarid (villa)
Ways to get there
Tehran- Karaj- Gachsar- Gajere (120 km)
Tehran- Shemshak- Dizin- Gajere (70 km)
Address & Telephone number
Address: Dizin road, After Gachsar, Karaj- Chaloos road, Karaj
Tel: +98 261- 5212232, 5212227, 5212273
Recreational & Sports
GardenTea house
Restaurant (with the capacity of 350 people)
Coffee shop
Swimming pool
3 classes (each with the capacity of 45 people)
2 halls:
Alborz( with the capacity of 300 people)
Zagros( with the capacity of 120 people)
2 conference rooms, one with the capacity of 50 people and the other with the capacity of 30 people

General information

Gachsar 3 star hotel is located 13 km far from Dizin ski reosrt, the best ski resort in Iran. It is not only active in the winters but also in the summers due to the favorite weather of the area and also the nice attractions nearby. It is a good hotel to accommodate en route to the north of Iran. This hotel just needs the heating system even in the spring. You can visit the Reza Shah Suite (from the Pahlavi Regime) in Gachsar Hotel.



  • 22 double rooms
  • 3 restaurants
  • 1 suite with 2 bedrooms
  • Coffee shop
  • Every room has a refrigerator, a TV and sofas Laundry
  • Parking
  • Satellite
  • Gym
  • Conference room
  • The Internet access
  • Tennis court
  • Volleyball court
  • Ping-pong court
  • Children’s playground

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