The protagonist Nordic ski championship in Ab Ali Ski Resort in Tehran

The first stage of protagonist Nordic Ski championship was held in the Ab Ali ski resort (Nour Club) in 10 kilometers.



The first competition finished in Figure series and the winners in 3 age levels were selected.

The winners are the followings: The age of 35 – 45 years: 1- Mahde Daliran 2- Ali Hosseini 3- Mahmoud Mahd Saleh

The age 46- 55 years: 1- Mojtaba Mir Hashemi 2- Taghi Shemshaki 3- Ahmad Bakhshi

The age 55 years to up: 1- Kazem Kavian 2- Majid Saveh Shemshaki 3- Abdollah Mahmoudi Kazem Kavian, the head of Iran ski protagonist committee said “the best protagonist skiers in two stages of competition will be embarked to protagonist World Club in Italy”.

Source: Islamic Republic Of Iran SKI Federation

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